Wedding contract

The purpose of this contract consists of delivering a set of images where the couple's link is visually narrated in the time margins. These images will have a narrative sense, that is, to tell a story, not the presentation of some classic prefixed photographs.

The purpose of this contract is to leave in writing the agreement between myself, Jorge Carrillo (hereinafter referred to as "the author" for being the creator and author of the photographs) and the couple so that there is no doubt about the services hired and to clarify possible situations that are out of the ordinary.

Therefore, the detail and precision in this writing is for that purpose. The language with which it is written tries to move away from technical terms for greater understanding and simplicity.
The wedding couple (hereinafter called "the couple") named below, hires the presence of the professional Jorge Carrillo, who will carry out the photographic report of their wedding under the conditions indicated in this document, for the date and place mentioned below.

In this way, this contract also acts as a manual to help the couple to avoid common problems that may occur at weddings and that they are unaware of due to lack of experience. The author tries to help and advise thinking about the happy future of events because it is an unrepeatable day in which everything must be perfect.


1.- The couple acknowledges that the author does not carry out a classic and traditional type of report and accepts the style of images created by the author called photojournalism, that is, telling a story without focusing on a few specific photographs. The author is not responsible for the absence of cliché or socially pre-established photographs, typical images of classic and traditional reports, so the absence of any of these images will not be claimed.

In the same way, the photograph of specific people will not be claimed, although the author will try by all means to portray all the characters of the wedding, focusing especially on those who interact the most with the couple throughout the event.

Even when the aesthetic and technical quality tries to be the maximum, it is conditioned to the circumstances (lighting, movement, spaces and similarities), the important thing being the impact of photography itself, capturing the moment and its magic. A minimal depth of field will be used, or selective blur, the author's trademark, and therefore this style is accepted with some subjects in focus while others remain in different planes.

To know and assume this style, it is enough to have visualised the recent author's work at the signing of this contract published on his website and recognises that his wedding will resemble in environmental, emotional, human and location circumstances those visualised.

2.- The bride and groom accept and undertake to organise the wedding, trying to achieve the most suitable lighting for the type of photography exhibited by the author. A minimum of light is necessary and the type of photography will have the lighting that is visible to the naked eye, not one created on purpose with flashes or lights by the author. Even so, the author will use a very sensitive equipment that has a capture capacity slightly less than that of the human eye. When the human eye sees poorly, the camera will see poorly and the photos will be slightly less quality than the human eye sees in such poor lighting conditions.

3.- The couple accepts that on the day of the wedding some reasons external to the couple and the author may lead to a different type of photography than the one foreseen due to environmental causes (rain, snow and other natural phenomena) and accept that the chosen times by the couple may cause detrimental or problematic lighting for photography, such as excessive sun or lack of artificial lighting in certain places.
4.- The author will not use flash or his own lighting to illuminate areas lacking light, although he will use it only through a photographic technique called slow synchronisation flash to capture movement at certain specific moments due to style and total lack of lighting at the time of the party and dance, moments in which the lighting conditions are usually completely incompatible with photography and the use of the flash is necessary as support. It is noted that the use of RGB LED spotlights will mark red, green or blue colours that cannot be corrected in any way, being the photograph what is seen with the naked eye.

5.- To achieve this type of photography, the couple must prevent the illusion of some guests for using their cameras and telephones from causing them to ruin the author's photographs and create the annoying situation that the author was precisely trying to avoid.

The question is that moments such as the entrance of the bride and groom, the rings or the dance do not become the couple overwhelmed by cameras that also exert pressure and are surrounded by other people, but that they remain free and all the guests can enjoy those beautiful moments. If the author's shots are ruined for this reason it is not the responsibility of the author. From experience, it is recommended to communicate it to the guests in the invitation itself or that a person or the officiant communicate it to them at the beginning of the celebration. The use of posters is another good option.

6.- In the same way, some video professionals hired separately may not know certain logical and evident rules of empathy and teamwork and ruin almost all the shots in the same or worse way, even without intention, especially general shots with more of a person from your present team, equipment, cranes, slides, tripods and other materials.

The author's style is to tell the story of what is happening in front of him and try his best not to intervene in it. While some videographers work alone and know how to move in harmony with the photographer, others come in groups with teams that invade the scene and who do not mind being in the middle of the photographer's shot. You can work with great professionals recording a single person and narrating the wedding without intervening at any time.

7.- The couple accepts the style or finish of the photographs taken by the author, who does not alter textures, skins, people or other details in the photograph. The photographer will only retouch the color and lighting of your images.

8.- The author will be taking pictures from the preparations or ceremony (as agreed) until 1 hour or 1 hour and a half after the dance.

9.- Regarding the restaurant, the invitation of many couples to eat the same menu as them is appreciated in advance, but the author will be satisfied with eating another type of cheaper menu in order to obtain strength to continue working. If the author cannot eat inside the event, he will have to move to a nearby place to do so, being absent during that time.

10.- All prices include 21% VAT on the date of signing this contract.

11.- At the signing of this contract, the amount of 40% of the total price will be paid as the first payment (within 7 working days or otherwise the contract will not be valid) and the remaining 60% one week before the wedding. The payment of any type of album will be made at the time of ordering before it’s elaboration. All payments can be made in cash or by bank transfer writing as a concept both names of the couple and date of the wedding.

Account Number: ES7100730100500535528520

12.- "BASIC PACKAGE" The report will be delivered via a private online gallery. The delivery will contain 500 color photos, all in JPG format, without watermarks and in high resolution. The maximum delivery time is three weeks after the wedding.

"STANDARD PACKAGE" The report will be delivered via a private online gallery. The delivery will contain 700 color photos and their respective black and white copies, all in JPG format, without watermarks and in high resolution, and a slideshow with the best photos selected by the author. The maximum delivery time is three weeks after the wedding.

"PREMIUM PACKAGE" The report will be delivered via a private online gallery. The delivery will contain 1000 color photos and their respective black and white copies, all in JPG format, without watermarks and in high resolution, and a slideshow with the best photos selected by the author. The maximum delivery time is three weeks after the wedding. A pre-wedding, a post-wedding sessions and a photo album will be also delivered.
13.- The online gallery and slideshow have the option of downloading to any computer device. The couple is obliged to download the complete work on several hard drives in order to have at least two backup copies (the author is not responsible for the loss of the work once it has been delivered). The online work will remain uploaded to the PIC-TIME platform without an expiration date, but it may be deleted for some reasons, among them, changing the platform in order to improve the service, or for reasons beyond the author's control, such as the closure of the platform.

14.- The printed album has the following characteristics: 30x30cm sized album (closed) with a minimum of 25 sheets (50 pages) containing a maximum of 100 photographs. If you wish to add extra sheets, each of them will have an additional cost.

15.- In case of wanting an album, the couple will select the 100 photographs from among those sent by the author. The author will under no circumstances select the photographs completely or partially. The couple commits to choosing a maximum number of 100 images.
16.- The album process is external to the author and is carried out by a printing and binding laboratory. The author's work is delivered after the wedding in digital format photographs. The author designs and manages the selection of the couple for the printing and sending of the album.

17.- Due to the fact that the average time to deliver the selection for the album by the couple is between ten and twelve months, it is necessary to detail that the laboratory or intermediaries can alter the price of the album or the design shown.

If the couple takes more than 30 days to select the photos from delivery, the price of the album may vary. It is also possible the need to change the laboratory in search of a better quality and way of working, and the change in price if more than a month has passed since the images were delivered.

18.- The laboratory normally takes between three and six weeks to finish the album and send it. It also depends on the time of the year and your work load. These times are foreign to the author and normal in the elaboration of handmade albums like these. The delivery of the album will be made via postal service free of charge as long as the country is the same as the author's residence, Spain.

19.- The design and finish of the album is unique and personal to the author with the laboratory that works at that time and will be shown on the website at the time of signing the contract. The design of the album is intended to be elegant, simple and robust, so that it does not go out of style over the years and the photos are shown in the most impressive way and with the highest quality. The layout design with white backgrounds without decorations, shadows or other elements is the author's hallmark and no other type of layout will be made as it is in contrast to the style of the images obtained and the final result.

20.- If the couple wants exactly the same copies of the album or mini albums, they must be ordered from the laboratory together with the original album. It is necessary that your request is indicated before the production of the main album.

21.- If the couple opts for a pre-wedding shoot, it will take place one of the two days before the wedding. Similarly, if they choose a post-wedding shoot, it will occur one of the two days after the wedding. Otherwise, no claim can be made, as the author has their flight schedule organized months in advance.

22.- The author will personally appear at the wedding. The author has attended weddings with very high fevers, injuries, illnesses, dislocations, and other circumstances. By all possible means, we will try to attend the event whenever it is logical, human and reasonably possible.

23.- In the event of illness or a serious circumstance that makes it impossible for the author to be present on the indicated day, the author will try by all means to send another qualified author with the same style, treatment and predisposition. If the submitted author had a higher cost than the author himself, the author would pay the difference in price at his rates.

24.- In the event of major causes beyond the author's control (flight or means of transport cancellations, serious adverse weather, traffic accidents, or mechanical breakdowns of the means of transport used and the like) that completely prevent their presence, the full amounts paid would also be returned.

The author always organizes the logistics of the trips and if are weddings outside his city or country, he is anticipating possible mishaps.

25.- In the event of cancellation of the wedding date for whatever reason, the couple accepts and understands that this entails a very large financial loss for the author, as other couples have been rejected for the same date. Therefore, in the event that the couple postpones and proposes a new date that was free for the author, it would be moved without a problem. If the date or dates proposed by the couple were taken by the author, it would be resolved as in the following section.

In case of total cancellation of the wedding and due to the very diverse reasons that can originate said cancellation, it is under the strict decision of the author to return or not to return the amounts paid.

26.- The author makes a double simultaneous copy of the photographs in the same camera and another two more of the gross of the wedding as soon as it is over, and immediately four copies during the storage process, trying to prevent all possible problems. In the event of the loss of image files due to causes beyond the author's control and/or major causes (accidents on the wedding day, liquid accidents, equipment theft, fire and other natural disasters) will not be held responsible.

27.- Once the report has been delivered and this contract has been concluded (as stated in the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 27, 2016) the author must delete the personal information of the couples as well as all the photographs.

However, as the owner of the copyright and relying on his right as an author, he will keep in his possession the images made by him if he wishes, saving them as a backup for the couple, although he is not responsible for the obligation to save them. for any time once the digital files have been delivered. Even so, the personal contact data will be deleted, as the law dictates.

28.- The author gives permission for the use of the images created by him at the wedding for the couple in social media or other places, provided that no profit is generated with the use of these images. Remember the author as the holder of the copyright and creation and owner of the images according to the law.

29.- The couple accepts the responsibility that the author makes use of some photographs of the same couple in which their people or assistants to their link are recognised, on their web page, blog or social media of the author for their use and/ or external digital or paper publications that mention the author's work, such as magazines or other websites. To do this, it has the permission signed in this contract by the bride and groom as responsible for the transfer of their image rights and in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data.

30.- The couple accepts the responsibility of publishing on their web page images of minors attending their wedding. If the parents or guardians of any minor published decide to withdraw the images, they can make use of their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition. To do this, the author would be contacted and the images would be removed immediately without any problem. If they wish, they can request copies of the images of the minors for their personal use.

31.- The couple can exercise their own rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, so that the author eliminates from their personal publications the images that the couple does not want to be displayed. But please understand the need to show the work carried out as a sample of the author's exercise for other future clients, as well as to thank other past couples who shared their images so that the current couple knew in the most detailed way possible the style and way of the author's work. It is of vital importance to recognise that the publication of the work carried out by the author adds an extra motivation for the final result of the work.

32.- The couple declares to know that according to the current law and in an unalterable way, the author is the owner of all the images and that their use by someone other than the author with lucrative intentions, including those photographed, is strictly prohibited without their consent. Given such knowledge, and since the author cannot renounce his authorship, he grants full freedom to the couple to use the images taken at their wedding in the media they wish (digital and physical), but only asks for their mention as Author.

33.- The couple accepts, as required by the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 27, 2016, that the author deliver a copy of their files and the data necessary for the delivery of the album to the laboratory that will print the final work on paper and that the laboratory undertakes to destroy said files and data once the delivery has been made.

34.- To resolve all doubts and issues arising as a result of this contract, those appearing expressly submit, waiving their own jurisdiction, to the jurisdiction of the corresponding Courts and Tribunals.

35.- The couple agrees to verify that in none of the places of the event there is exclusivity for taking photographs that makes the author's work impossible. If these circumstances are found, the author will not be able to take images of those places and the couple will not claim the non-existence of such photographs.

36.- Photographs in which no person is recognised, as specified by law, are free of any permission and the author of the same is the full owner of their rights of use. Only the photographs in which specific people are recognised are subject to the data protection, image rights and privacy law.

37.- In compliance with the General Regulation of Data Protection of the EU 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 27, 2016, Jorge Carrillo, as the person in charge of the file, informs of the following considerations:

The personal data requested will be incorporated into a file whose purpose is contact with clients and the delivery of the contracted wedding report. The couple is also informed of the possibility of exercising their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, of their personal data.